Gen Online Payroll Software: HR Tool For Employee Data Management

Gen Online Payroll software is a complete solution to handle all HR related tasks such as salary calculations, daily attendance, and other relevant employee data management work. This online version of the Gen Payroll software is linked up with Desktop Payroll Software from where users can easily fetch the data. The employee data management is very important for any company whether it is an MNC or a particular location based firm. As the number of employees increases, the complexity of any database also increases, and it becomes very hectic for any HR professional to maintain that, Now, you don't need to worry as the online payroll software helps the company HR to update the employees information in a discrete manner. Gen Online payroll software helps any company to make a virtual joint between the HR and employees of the company, by which the HR can directly upload any new information or notice which will be visible from the specific IDs allocated to every employee. It includes employee login, in which a special Id with an account will be given to any employee. So, precisely we can say that our Online Payroll will help you organising the information of your employees in a well-defined manner. As per saying 'TIME IS MONEY', therefore, this software saves your golden time and makes the management easy and handy.

Installation 30000* Updation 10000 *

Features of Gen Online Payroll Software

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